The following is a summary of the key services we provide.

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    Custom Cabinetry & Design

    Have you ever thought you would like to improve the function of your RV interior to better suit your activities and storage requirements? If you have, you are certainly not the first! Many RV owners are looking for creative ways to make their interior cabinetry work better for them, the problem until now has been “Who can I discuss this with and where can I take my RV to have cabinet modifications made”? Now you don’t have to look any further, at RV Transformations we have all the resources necessary to customize your interior living spaces and cabinetry, you can have a design created specifically for you and your lifestyle.

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    Flooring Replacement Options

    At RV Transformations, we are able to provide a variety of replacement flooring options for our customers. We’re not trying to be a flooring company but we want to inspire you in terms of what products are available and how they apply to RV installation. We have access to several wholesale showrooms in the immediate area where you can browse a wide variety to flooring options and be guided by on staff sales personnel. We offer a complete flooring service including planning, design and installation.

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    Flat Panel TV Upgrades & Lifts

    It was not until around 2006 – 2008 that RV manufacturers began to install flat panel TV’s in their vehicles, prior to this most installations had cathode ray tube TV’s. The difference in picture quality and screen size of these older units, compared to current HD flat panel TV’s, is dramatic. Let us show you how we can replace these older TV’s with larger screen, more compact, flat panel TV’’s and how we can position them for greater enjoyment in different locations in you RV.

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    Entertainment Centers

    In Winter, you will find some RV owners warmly wrapped and sipping hot chocolate at a college or a pro football game while entertaining their friends at a tailgate party. In Spring, after the Winter weather subsides, you will find them planning travel to exciting destinations. Maybe they will be sightseeing this year or visiting distant relatives. RV’s are perfect for taking the family to the beach or going to a mountain lake for fishing. Golfers may be planning a trip to a luxury desert oasis. Talk about all seasons machines, RV’s can do it all and get you there in style.

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    LED Lighting Installations

    The advent of LED lighting has opened up a world of exciting new possibilities for lighting in RV’s. Now you can create the same elegant look in your RV that was normally only available in ‘high end’ motor homes. Not only that, you can do it for a fraction of that ‘high end’ cost! In fact, there is no better application for LED lighting than within the RV industry. Why is this? Unlike residential lighting which is based on 110 volts, RV’s are equipped with 12-volt circuits, matching perfectly with the 12 volts used in most LED lighting. Current 12-volt lighting systems in RV’s provide radically inferior lighting.

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    Electric Fireplace Additions

    For anyone wanting the calming aesthetics of a fireplace, today’s electric fireplaces are a perfect solution. In terms of setting a mood nothing adds more to the ambience of any RV than the flickering flames of an electric fireplace. No fuss, no mess, just switch it on sit back, put up your feet and relax.

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    Seating Options & Upholstery

    Updating the interior seating in your RV will not only give you an updated modern look but more importantly provide you with more comfort! We can provide Pilot and Copilot seating both manual and electric, Living Room Sofas including the new Extenda Flex Sofas that provide a sectional style seating arrangement, Sofa Sleepers including comfortable inflatable air mattress beds, dinette seating with storage and comfortable Euro Style reclining chairs. We also offer reupholstery services if you want to retain your current seating but want to update the fabric or ultra leather.

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    Window Treatments & Roller Blinds

    Most RV’s come equipped from the factory with the traditional Day/ Night Pleated Shades, if you have had experience with these shades you will know what a problem they can be. The tension on the strings is forever needing adjustment otherwise the shade will slip down on its own. The strings become frayed and break, it requires two hands to pull them up or down. The night shades loose their pleat and become warped, they gather a lot of dust and are impossible to clean!

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    Tile Backsplash Designs

    Nothing makes a stronger design statement in an RV kitchen than a countertop backsplash. This is an area where you can put your imagination to work and come up with a tile design that will add a personal touch to the look of your motor home.We can help to get you started and pointed in the right direction. We can show you a variety of industry standard backsplash designs that you can trigger some ideas from, then with the countless sizes and colors in tile that are available, there is no limit to what you can do. We have ceramics, granite, glass and natural stones and have access to the top manufacturers like; American Olean, Florida Tile, Dal Tile and Bedrosians. Our knowledgeable staff will help you make some great choices for your project and our expert installers will bring your dreams to reality in a beautiful backsplash installation.