Flat Panel TV Upgrades & Lifts

It was not until around 2006 – 2008 that RV manufacturers began to install flat panel TV’s in their vehicles, prior to this most installations had cathode ray tube TV’s. The difference in picture quality and screen size of these older units, compared to current HD flat panel TV’s, is dramatic. Let us show you how we can replace these older TV’s with larger screen, more compact, flat panel TV’’s and how we can position them for greater enjoyment in different locations in you RV.

We can also add new functions like complete entertainment centers including custom storage drawers and door cabinets, work stations, fireplaces and TV lift stations. Please refer also to our Custom Cabinet and design service in the Services menu above.

TV Mounted In the Windshield Area

This installation includes an adjustable mount enabling us to install up to a 42” flat panel TV flush against your existing TV cabinet. Due to the adjustability of the mount the function of the cabinets on either side of the new TV is not compromised. For safety the TV locks firmly in position when you are driving, when you reach your destination you can simply unlock it again and adjust. To make additional improvements we can offer electronic component options including BluRay players, surround sound systems, speaker installations and satellite antennas.

Eliminate the “Head Banger”

With the size and weight of old tube TV’s, RV manufacturers were left with few choices other than to provide a cabinet in the windshield area of a coach. Because of the size of the cabinet and its projection this often created a “head banger” as you enter most front entry diesel motorhomes. However, now with HD Flat Panel TV’s there are several ways to improve this installation. We can modify the depth of the existing cabinet so it is level with the cabinets on either side eliminating the projection. Or, to provide a better looking and more streamlined installation, we can replace the existing TV cabinet completely with a new custom TV cabinet to match the existing cabinets on either side. If a larger TV is required the existing cabinet to the right can often be removed and remodeled.

Relocate the TV to a Better Viewing Position

Trying to watch a TV located in the windshield area of a coach can be awkward giving you a stiff neck trying to watch from a 45 degree angle. We can remove the cabinet completely and relocate the TV to a better viewing position. In its place, the original TV cabinet can be replaced with a new storage cabinet to match the cabinets on either side. There are a variety of locations where the new TV can be relocated. One of the most popular is behind a sofa on either the drivers or passenger side. This is accomplished by moving the sofa away from the wall by 6” and constructing a shallow cabinet behind it. The TV is installed on a wall mounted electric lift that rises through a slot in the cabinet top into the window area. The cabinet top can be made with Corian to match the kitchen countertop or in wood to match the cabinet finish. This enables you to maintain your original seating while providing a more convenient position to watch TV, in addition to having a much larger screen than before.

Dining Buffet TV Install

Another possible location for a TV is to move the traditional dining buffet away from the wall and extend the depth of the buffet to provide room for a TV lift and TV. We fill the space created with a new cabinet with coordinating Corian, laminate, or wood countertop, a slot is provided in the countertop for the TV to raise into its viewing position.

Improve Your Viewing Angle

Another improvement is to add a special TV bracket to the lift device we use that enables the TV to pivot in another direction. So for example, if you want the TV facing you while you prepare a meal in the kitchen you can pivot the TV in that direction. If you have a dining buffet installation and want to pivot the TV toward the seating areas in the living room you can simply raise the TV on the lift and pivot the TV in that direction.

Making Better Use of a Blank Wall

In many motorhome floor plans, with one or two slides in the living room and kitchen area, there is often a blank wall next to the dinette when the slide is out. Unfortunately this is also the most visible wall in the entire coach and as a result, most manufacturers try to hide it with mirrors or some other sort of wall décor none of which mask the problem of an ugly wall. Often there is space behind this wall that can be utilized to engineer a new TV entertainment wall, complete with an electric fireplace!