LED Lighting Installations

The advent of LED lighting has opened up a world of exciting new possibilities for lighting in RV’s. Now you can create the same elegant look in your RV that was normally only available in ‘high end’ motor homes. Not only that, you can do it for a fraction of that ‘high end’ cost!

In fact, there is no better application for LED lighting than within the RV industry. Why is this? Unlike residential lighting which is based on 110 volts, RV’s are equipped with 12-volt circuits, matching perfectly with the 12 volts used in most LED lighting. Current 12-volt lighting systems in RV’s provide radically inferior lighting. Take for example the fluorescent ceiling lights generally fitted in most RV’s. You would never think of installing fluorescent lighting in your living room at home so why would you have them in your RV? Guess what, now you don’t have to!

Ceiling Lighting

We have created an exciting new line of LED lighting we call LUNA that will replace any 18” fluorescent ceiling fixture. We offer them in several versions depending on the look you would like to create and your budget. Our fixtures have an elliptical shape rather than rectangular, making them an elegant furnishing on your ceiling. Turn on the power and you get an almost magical display of soft accent light and bright task lighting. Now you can see how ‘high end’ motor homes accomplish that impressive appearance with lighting. With the help of our lighting specialists and our unique LED fixtures, you can bring a new brilliance to your RV. You will be really impressed with how illumination is radically improved, no more trying to read in dim fluorescent light. A LUNA installation will instantly upgrade the interior look and feel of any RV!

LUNA Bronze

LUNA Silver


To accommodate various budgets, we offer the LUNA in three versions – Bronze, Silver and Gold, each of which can be customized with a variety of options to provide just the right look and lighting choice for your particular installation. Even with the lights turned off the LUNA makes a handsome “furniture like” addition to any RV ceiling, but add the magic of light and they create an exciting new atmosphere, while at the same time providing radically improved lighting!

Task lighting is provided by our custom brushed aluminum down light, it not only looks great but also provides a wash of warm white lighting throughout your RV living space. This light is produced by 3 high powered LED’s set on a 60 degree angle that spread light evenly in about a 5’ radius. We mount 2 units in each LUNA and can be dimmed at night to provide a more subtle light with our optional controller.

LUNA Bronze

The elegant elliptical shape of our base model is created from a specialty wood material with a 3/4” bevel around the perimeter. It is finished in a warm rich brown color that coordinates perfectly with any wood cabinet interior. Both lights are switched separately to enable either one or both to be turned on or off.

Price $195.00

LUNA Silver

This model adds the beauty of indirect accent lighting provided by a warm white LED strip mounted between the elliptical ring and the ceiling creating a wonderful halo wash on your ceiling. An optional controller can be added to enable you to sync the switching of your lighting together and control dimming of both your LED down-lights and strip accent lighting via a convenient remote control, so you can create just the right ambiance when required!

Price $245.00


We kick it up a notch with the addition of a second elliptical ring creating a spectacular 3-dimensional design, with double the accent lighting! The two surface mounted switches give you the option of turning off both the down-lights and center accent light or the top accent lighting to create a more subdued effect at night. As an option the upper white LED strip can be replaced with a full color RGB LED strip to create a dramatic light show on your ceiling.

Price $295.00

Customize Your Luna With Options


Depending on your lighting choice our controllers enable you to dim your lighting, sync the switching of your lighting and with our full color RGB strip lighting controller choose a variety of fun color changing display modes all from a convenient remote control.

From $45.00

Wi Fi Hub

Add a WiFi router to enable you to control both your white and RGB color LED lighting with your smartphone or tablet (Apple iPod, iPad, iPhone and Android phone and tablets). Must be ordered in conjunction with the Option 1 controller above.

Price $65.00

Full Color RGBW

Replace any white LED strip with full color RGB LED with a controller enabling you to sync the switching of your lighting together and control dimming of both your LED down-lights and RGB strip accent lighting via a convenient remote control, so you can create just the right ambiance when required! The controller will also enable you to access thousands of static colors and several dynamic color-changing display modes provided with your RGB accent strip lighting.

Price $75.00

Unique Veneers

Wrap your Luna with a spectacular wood like veneer to match or coordinate with your interior cabinets or choose from other materials including a carbon fiber wrap.

From $65.00 per side

Other RV LED Lighting Applications

Our LED lighting installations don’t stop with just ceiling lighting. We can install either white or full RGB strip lighting in a variety of other applications in your RV, the following are some popular choices:

Wall Lighting

To compliment our LUNA ceiling lighting we also offer a coordinating wall sconce. Photos and pricing will be available soon. Please contact us for more details.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Nothing adds more impact to the interior of your RV than under cabinet lighting. It provides not only substantially improved task lighting on your countertop, but also accent lighting for your backsplash. If you choose to install one of our striking backsplash designs, your kitchen can become a work of art!

Accent Lighting

Adding LED lighting above the toe kick of your kitchen and bathroom base cabinets can serve not only as a convenient night light but also a unique accent light.

Upper Cabinet Lighting

Your upper cabinets are yet another great location for LED strip lighting. It can highlight your window coverings, sofa fabric and accent pillows. We hide the LED strip behind a trim piece so that the light appears to come from nowhere, creating a subtle accent anytime of the day. This also provides excellent task lighting when you want to enjoy relaxing on the sofa for reading or doing craft projects.

Floating Bed Lighting

Another fun application when using LED strip lighting is under the edge of your bed. The effect is amazing especially when using RGB color strip, your bed will look like its floating on air!

Entry Step Lighting

We have developed another really unique application which not only creates impact but adds a safety factor. Our custom step extrusion will dress up the entry steps in any motor home and provide illumination for night time safety. The installation includes a switch, so when you open your entry door the LED strip lights up and then switches off when closed

LED On The Outside

Under Vehicle Lighting

We can install RGB full color strip light on the underside of your vehicle that will create a spectacular “glow” at night. The installation includes a controller and a hand held remote which will produce a brilliant white light or thousands of vibrant colors. You can choose from 12 dynamic color changing modes, control the brightness and speed of color change with the remote, depending on the look you want to create.

Awning Lighting

Another great outdoor application is to install LED light strip on the underside of your awning, this not only provides a great look but also provides a useful outdoor lighting source.


Pricing for the above lighting installations will depend upon the application requirements.

We would love to meet with you to discuss how LED’s can make the interior and exterior lighting of your RV appealing and functional, so please don’t hesitate to give us a call.