Flooring Replacement Options

At RV Transformations, we are able to provide a variety of replacement flooring options for our customers. We’re not trying to be a flooring company but we want to inspire you in terms of what products are available and how they apply to RV installation. We have access to several wholesale showrooms in the immediate area where you can browse a wide variety to flooring options and be guided by on staff sales personnel. We offer a complete flooring service including planning, design and installation.

Many options are available, let us help you make the right choice for your RV.

Vinyl Tile

Vinyl Tile closely resembles natural products like slate, travertine and marble. It has a similar surface texture and is available in a variety of colors for each pattern. Compared to ceramic tile, Vinyl Tile is less expensive and it has the advantage of having a lower profile, just half the height, which may be critical in certain installations.  Tiles can be set close together with no grout lines or spaced apart with a non staining grout between. Vinyl Tile is constructed with 75% limestone which gives it outstanding durability, also, it is warmer and softer under foot making it more comfortable than traditional tile and stone. Because of its durability this is a great product for RV owners with dogs. Vinyl Tile is completely waterproof and should be glued down on a smooth surface otherwise an embossing layer will be needed or a luan underlayment. Its best features are quality, realism and of course, its light weight which makes it an ideal choice for RV owners. ‘Alterna Luxury Vinyl Tile’ by Armstrong has some beautiful styles and colors. Take a look at their website.

Solid Hardwood

If you need flooring that will stand up to heavy use choose solid Oak or even harder wood varieties like Maple, Ash, or the hardest and densest of them all; Brazilian Cherry. Brazilian Cherry will wear for a long time and has an attractive deep color wood tone. Solid hardwood floors are ¾” thick, nailed to the sub floor and may be refinished up to two or three times to remove scuffs or scratches. For a vintage hardwood flooring look that will bring warmth and comfort to your RV choose hand scraped Hickory. This is a richly textured floor that accentuates the graining, knots and natural characteristics of US grown Hickory hardwood. With the many woods and stains available you’re sure to find the perfect color to coordinate with your cabinetry. Again, Armstrong has a wide variety to choose from.

Engineered Wood

With an Engineered Wood floor you get all the rich colors and wood varieties that you like about a solid hardwood floor but this is a man made plank floor that offers benefits not available with solid wood. Engineered 3” or 4” wide wood planks are constructed with several layers of wood that are cross grained making them sturdy and resistant to shrinking and warping. Resin applied between layers make the planks resistant to changes in temperature or humidity which is a significant benefit for RV applications. Generally the planks are beveled on the edges creating a micro groove between the planks trapping any dirt and sand which might grind and damage the surface. Vacuuming will lift any that has accumulated.
The top layer of the Engineered Wood plank is a 1/8” thick layer of solid hardwood and this is where you get all the wood variety and color choice that you would normally find with a solid hardwood floor. Normal installation will float this floor over a moisture blocking material or it may also be glued.


Bamboo is an attractive alternative for flooring because of its physical similarities to hardwoods. It is a “green” product and takes five years to grow as opposed to Oak which takes 30 years before it has matured enough for use as flooring. It is Carbon negative and will absorb more CO2 from the atmosphere than other trees. Bamboo is harvested without the need to replant the root system because the root system is left intact when it is harvested. Flooring products are typically made by slicing bamboo poles into strips. The strips are then heat pressed with adhesives forming cured boards, the boards are then milled into different flooring products. Natural bamboo is similar in color to beech wood. If a darker, more exotic, color is desired the bamboo goes through a carbonizing process of steaming under pressure with heat. Flooring can come in either solid strip form or come as planks that “click lock” together. Moisture is an issue with Bamboo and is sensitive to high humidity, so it may not be good in bathroom areas. Solid bamboo is installed by nailing to the subfloor. Plank bamboo may be installed as a “floating” floor with a moisture blocking material underneath or glued in using a waterproof adhesive.


If you want the latest looks in fashion and design for your floor but are on a practical budget, then take a look at laminate flooring, it is another layer built product. You can enjoy more expensive flooring trends like textured wood and realistic stone, but rather than natural materials, there is an image layer that is a photograph quality picture of hardwood with an embossed wood grain texture.The topmost layer is a clear coat, wear layer that provides protection from abrasions, stains and color fading. The middle layers are made of compressed (HDF) High Density Fiberboard injected with resins and polymers. The bottom layer is a melamine backer that prevents the planks from bowing or twisting and gives the floor structure. These planks are “click locked” together. It is a more durable product than wood, easier to maintain and more dent resistant. This floor will normally be floated over a moisture resistant barrier that also deadens the sound of footsteps. Maintenance is easy, just sweep it! Best of all it will not stain, fade or wear. This is a very functional product for RV’s and many color options are available to coordinate with your furnishings.

Vinyl Sheet

Where cost considerations are paramount, vinyl sheet may be a good option. It is a very versatile flooring and with all the latest printing and embossing technology you can enjoy the look of more expensive natural products like woods, slate and stone. A vinyl floor is durable and resistant to stains, scuffs and scratches. You will find all the colors and decorating styles you need to coordinate with all of your RV furnishings.


We offer the latest carpet patterns and colors from formal to contemporary. Choose from popular styles like texture on texture, frieze or plush. In RV’S, carpet is often used in slide outs and bedrooms and for coordinating area rugs. When we do a carpet install we bind the edge of the carpet (like the factory does). Edges of area rugs can be bound in the same way.

The main fibers used to build carpet are nylon, polyester and Smart Strand. The amount of carpet you are buying is determined by pile height and face weight and these figures can be used to compare one carpet with another.

Nylon carpet wears well, it is abrasion resistant. The fibers are resilient so they spring back when walked on however nylon fibers are porous and while it accepts color dye easily it also accepts stains easily. To overcome this issue manufacturers use a stain treatment early on in manufacture to seal up the fibers, like ‘Stainmaster’ which encapsulates the fiber. Nylon carpet has a tendency to fade in sunlight, it is more UV sensitive than other carpet fibers.

Polyester carpet fibers are color fast because they are solution dyed, dye is added to the molten liquid before the fiber is formed. Polyester carpets are softer and more luxurious. They are stain resistant because the fibers are not porous. It may be a little more crush prone than nylon and also may not wear quite as well as nylon. To block possible staining, polyester carpets use a topical treatment like ‘Scotchgard’. Polyester carpets are more resistant to fading in sunlight.

Smart Stand by DuPont is an environmentally friendly fiber for carpet. It is made from the silks taken from husks of corn and is the newest innovation in carpet fiber in 50 years. Smart Strand carpet is very soft like wool, is stain resistant, crush resistant and is available in a wide range of colors. It is easily cleaned with hot water only. See the carpet cleaning demonstration online in the animal house at a zoo, go to www.smartstrandchallenge.com

Carpet pad is a heat insulator and a sound dampener. It will wear out so when changing carpet, change the pad too. Pad has different levels of firmness so choose one that feels good underfoot. There is a pad available that has a moisture barrier. This prevents moisture getting into the carpet from below and blocks liquid spills getting into the pad from above, this would be a good choice if there are pets around.

When cleaning carpet, don’t use detergents, dirt will stick to the shampoo residue left behind. The hot water extraction method is best and should be done once a year. Spots can be treated with hot water and then blotted up with a paper towel, drawing out the water and the stain.

Ceramic Tile

Natural stone, whether it is granite, marble, slate or travertine is inconsistent, wasteful and porous, they all need to be kept sealed and polished. Man made ceramic tile, on the other hand, has none of those drawbacks. Ceramic and Porcelain can mimic natural stone in pattern and color characteristics. Ceramic is made from clay, Porcelain is a variety of ceramic. Clay is first pressed into a mold and then a silk screen process puts an image on top of the tile. After that, the tile is put through a “punch roller” to apply texture to the surface and following that a glaze coating is added. Finally the tile is fired in a kiln which bakes the clay and gives it a very hard surface. Ceramic is a premium product and will out perform any other type of flooring. Porcelain tile is fired at a higher temperature and contains additives of quartz, talc and feldspar. It is best used outdoors as it doesn’t absorb moisture. For tile installation, it is important that the plywood subfloor is securely screwed down so that it will not move. After that, the tile will be installed using a fiber backer and layers of thinset. We use a premium grout from which possible stain causing minerals have been extracted. Latex added to the grout makes it more elastic to allow for any tile expansion. In an RV ceramic tile will be most useful on counter tops and backsplashes or flooring in bathroom areas.