Electric Fireplace Additions

For anyone wanting the calming aesthetics of a fireplace, today’s electric fireplaces are a perfect solution. In terms of setting a mood nothing adds more to the ambience of any RV than the flickering flames of an electric fireplace. No fuss, no mess, just switch it on sit back, put up your feet and relax.

Looks Almost Like a Real Gas Fire!

Flame technology has advanced to the degree that it is difficult to distinguish between a gas and electric fireplace. Tinted reflection panels give the illusion of a deeper, larger firebox but without actually taking up space. Most fireplaces come with a hand held remote that controls the flame and ember bed intensity as well as the heat level and fan speed.

Provides Heat Without the Danger

An electric fireplace is safe for everyone. It does produce heat, but there is no fire. The tempered glass front does get warm but it will not cause injury if it is accidentally touched. The three stage heater and a whisper quiet fan provide a comfortable warm environment and the thermostat control keeps the temperature exactly where you want it. The low energy halogen bulbs that provide that beautiful glow don’t use much energy and will last for 3,000 hours.

Many Styles to Choose From to Suit Your Interior

We have access to a wide variety of electric fireplace designs to fit just about any style or application. Some are available to move around, so you just plug them into another outlet. Others may be wall mounted and still others can recess where there is enough wall depth available. Best of all no outside venting is required so there are many options as to where they can be placed.

Choose From Metal & Glass Fronts or All Glass!

The cleanly designed face frame allows you an unobstructed view of the realistic flickering flames and come in a variety of metal finishes and styles for a traditional feel or a modern look and everything in between. Not just a pretty picture but a very functional source of heat putting out as much as 5,000 BTU’s.

Add a Cozy Corner to Gather in Your RV

Fireplaces become the focal point of your room and a work of art in and of itself, the place where people naturally get together. Once you have one installed, you will wonder how you ever lived without one. Fireplaces can be added to many of our custom cabinet installations to complete a very functional RV living space.