Tile Backsplash Designs

Nothing makes a stronger design statement in an RV kitchen than a countertop backsplash. This is an area where you can put your imagination to work and come up with a tile design that will add a personal touch to the look of your motor home.

We can help to get you started and pointed in the right direction. We can show you a variety of industry standard backsplash designs that you can trigger some ideas from, then with the countless sizes and colors in tile that are available, there is no limit to what you can do. We have ceramics, granite, glass and natural stones and have access to the top manufacturers like; American Olean, Florida Tile, Dal Tile and Bedrosians. Our knowledgeable staff will help you make some great choices for your project and our expert installers will bring your dreams to reality in a beautiful backsplash installation.

The Height of Elegance

The natural stone used in this RV corner vanity, gives you a feeling of substance and solidity. Granite is the perfect choice for the countertop because of its highly polished surface and the way its dark color contributes to that feeling of substance. The choice of continuing the granite into the backsplash provides a perfect complement for the countertop, again highly polished and now illuminated by the soft white light of the LED under cabinet lighting. The overall look of solidity in the design is lightly broken up by an accenting pattern of small tile in the backsplash. This horizontal band, using ceramic and granite tiles set vertically, provides an alternating light and dark pattern, reminiscent of a picket fence and serves as an outer boundary to the design. Small 1/2” yellow tiles are used here to play off the pale yellow tones in the delightful porcelain hand wash basin.

Ceramic and Glass Tile Combination

There is a transition in this design that helps the backsplash and the countertop come together, a 3” high border of matching Corian traces the back edge of the countertop. The backsplash area above has an attractive random arrangement of 1” ceramic and glass tiles. The multiple tile pattern is set in a grid where the grout lines reflect the vertical and horizontal lines of the cabinetry above. The glass tiles play with the light provided by the under cabinet LED lighting and give the tile an appearance of depth. The light causes shadows in the glass creating a 3D effect. Coloring in the tiles has been selected to bring the backsplash, Corian countertop and cabinets together in a harmonious design group.

Diamonds Are Forever

Again, the countertop and wood cabinetry are brought together by careful color coordination in the backsplash. This tile arrangement has a central horizontal line created by light colored, 6” tiles. The coordinating border below has a 3 color diamond set pattern with 1⁄2” liner tile used to define the edge of the pattern, above and below. The repeating coffee colored diamond dots, bring focal points to the design across its width. Above the central tile line, the same diamond pattern is repeated bringing balance to the design as a whole. The under cabinet lighting reflects off the backsplash bringing excellent illumination to the countertop area. Also notice in this design that an elevated display shelf has been added to the rear of the countertop, this is a design element we can add to any of our backsplash installations. Also see the basket weave pattern featured below that has a similar shelf only curved.

Textured Natural Stone with Brick Accent Dots

In an informal country look, two inch natural stone tile in random lengths, exhibit the coloring, grain and texture of the natural product. A look that cannot be reproduced in manmade tile. Carefully placed 2” dots of deep brick colored stone provide highlights and break up the strongly horizontal pattern. The backsplash in this setting is beautifully reflected in the highly polished black stone countertop creating a stunning look for this motorhome kitchen.

Tile Armor Will Protect Your Walls

This backsplash has a two tile pattern using medium brown and dark brown specialty ceramic tiles. The distinctive feature is the curved top and bottom edges of the tiles, and although they are set vertically the effect is a gentle slope into the corner. Rather unusual, but very effective in this setting. The colors play off the color texturing in the Corian countertop. The under cabinet lighting highlights the tile pattern and colors. A bold, decorative ceramic trim is used here as a border to define the edge of the backsplash area.

Tile Basket Weave

This is a multiple tile arrangement creating a basket weave pattern, giving a more informal feeling in this RV kitchen. Colors in the tile are repeated in other kitchen design elements like the black glass cook top and the black accent trim on the edge of the countertop. The transition from the backsplash to the countertop features a 6” deep shelf in the same Corian material where jars of cooking ingredients like sugar, flour and spices could be easily reached. The folks who like to cook in your RV home will love you if you bring a shelf like this into your design.

3 Dimensional Glass Tile

This colorful backsplash in shades of red, yellow and orange has a definite contemporary feel and is built from a typical grid pattern of 1” glass tiles. The great feature of glass tiles is the feeling of depth and texture that they create. Light coming down from above creates a shadow in each tile causing a window like appearance, almost like you can see deep into the tile. This tile arrangement makes a beautiful backdrop for the hanging glassware in this RV kitchen. Normally uninteresting glassware is brought to life with reds and yellows glowing through.

LED Under Cabinet Lighting

LED lighting serves this space well. No bulbs or shades are in direct view, everything is hidden yet the area is bathed in light, thanks to recessed ceiling LEDs and carefully spaced, under cabinet LED lighting. The mirrored doors on the cabinets help to distribute the light evenly
across the space. In this vanity, the contemporary lighting offered by LEDs, does well with the contemporary layout of the granite.

We offer a complete LED lighting service for all areas of your RV. For more information please see our LED Lighting Installations service under the “Services” tab.